Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thurs. Eve, June 26th… Ready for Matt & Mark to arrive!

Well, the rain let up this afternoon and we got the plywood cut off where the wall will go, we barrowed a compressor and another straight 20 foot ladder from our good friend and neighbor, Charlie, from down the road a little ways. Now we are ready for Matt & Mark to arrive in the morning. I would guess they will be here from Woodbridge, New Jersey at around 7:00 to 7:30AM, since they will probably leave at 4:30 to 5:00Am. I will be up at 6:00 Am and have coffee ready when they arrive. I will then brief them as to what Vick and I accomplished and what we need them to do for us, where the lumber is located in the piles and where all the tools are. They will bring their nail guns, hoses and such and we will supply the rest.

I mowed around the pond this afternoon as Vicki was making dinner, so both sides of the pond are done and I started around the barn and into the side yard toward the chicken house. Thank God there was a bunch of 2’ x 4’ pieces of plywood overhanging, because I have to make rabbit hutches next week and two large rabbit pens. The bunnies are getting old enough that there will be baby bunnies one of these days and we have to be ready. Once a doe catches, she will start to pull hair to insulate a nest which she will want the buck to stay away from, so we need to have the hutches done so she can build a nest in the box end, which she will make nice and cozy, then she will pull hair to line the nest and get ready to deliver her litter. She will then stay with the little ones and nurse in the box and come out in the run section to eat, drink and do her business, before returning to the nest again. We’ll make the hutches out of wood and wire. We have the rings, wire and ring tool, so we can build hutches pretty quick. Keep watching next week. When done, we will get the bunnies out of the brooding house where it will be much easier to take good care of them all.

Vicki and Rooster Cogburn both improve daily. They root for each other everytime Vicki passes him in the course of the day. She talks to him and he talks to her. It is quite touching to watch them. He really interacts with her and waits for her to take him in every night.



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