Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 5th…A beautifully productive day for the barn!!

Today we really put a dent in the barn workload. All the beams are located and locked down with plates except where they need to be cut off. We will do that with a chain saw after the plywood flooring is down upstairs and I can cut the beams flush. The Steps should go up tomorrow and then we will be able to stroll right up to the second level once the flooring is down. We will take the trip to Lowe’s for the plywood during trip #1. Then we will return during trip #2 for the 150 2x4’s needed for the upstairs walls. We also have a few misc. boards ordered from Middlefield Lumber so we are set for the Jersey Boys on June 27th. Here's where we got today.

Setting the ladder to move beams above. nearing flooring time.

Nudging the beams into position before applying the nailer plates.

Some beams drove back to the other main beam and won't need cut off.


We are actually ready to install the steps and flooring next.

The ducks, chickens and turkeys were out all day long without incident or hassle. They all mingle and stroll around eating anything they can find, all day long and there have been no fights or trouble. Now that the little ducks are in with the adults and their water and food are outside in the screened run, the duck house is extremely clean…….as are the chickens in their end of the duck & chicken house. The brooding house is even pretty clean, because chicks are pretty neat and clean. They never slop water like the ducks, so there is nothing to clean. I love this time of the year, when we have the garden hose on at the duck house. It’s so easy to take care of all the animals now.

Vick had a little trouble with the John Deere mower today. It wouldn’t run like a deer!!!! The right wheel was turned completely sideways and the left tire was turned toward the right about 1 inch from being straight. We could not get the right wheel to pop loose until I got her going backwards and kicked the wheel, which finally came loose, but needed to pull the tie rod off and straighten it, which then straightened the tires out. I took the rod to the basement vice and through straightening……lengthened the rod 7/8”, which aligned the tires like they used to be. Now it runs straight and steers easily. Tomorrow Vick can resume mowing if she goes slow to protect her back. She cannot just bounce around the yard like she used to. I’ll get the steps installed tomorrow I hope!

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