Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday, June 17th….What to do….What to do…?

Warm, damp, overcast, but might be a good day to run a line and lay plywood flooring. I really want to get the plywood down and get the steps up so I can forget about this for awhile. I haven’t really been hitting it that hard, except within my mind………just constantly worrying about something turning up and not getting done. Vick wants to go to Jersey tomorrow or Thursday to see Sally Maskal before she and the kids leave for Slovakia to live on a piece of ground with her parents that her and Matthew bought.

She has a hair cut appointment today and with that coming tomorrow or the next day, I’d better get cracking with my part of the barn.

Gotta go…..have chickens and ducks ready to go out running all over the yard, Rooster Cogburn is crowing up a storm and MR will almost assuredly get kicked or whacked for trying to flog me. ( he almost without fail always tries to flog me for some reason.) See, the nasty bastard is waiting!



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