Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sat. evening…June 21... About roasted today!! Loft floor ½ done!

Went to work on the loft floor of the barn and got it half way done. The last piece I did was over the steps and the next one has some funky cut’s around the top of the steps, so I wanted to do that one first thing tomorrow morning while I am fresh. Everything went pretty good this afternoon and I didn’t want to make any mistakes and cut the piece wrong to spoil it, so I quit for the day. I was about roasted, sweaty and smelled like a goat to myself, so you can imagine what I smelled like to others.

When I came into the house after putting all the tools away, the dogs ran, except for Dutchess, who passed out. She always wants to kiss you and today……..that was her downfall.

Stewie kept attacking Rooster Cogburn this afternoon and Vick had to chase him away with the “white MR stick”……so when I was out of the shower…..We went to the Wilson house and got the dog exercise run and put it out so Cogburn was protected while outside. Now they couldn’t get to him. We believe Stewie is not the only one that attacks Cogburn…..after all, MR was the one to put the original beating on him ya know.

Went to Price Chopper for this weeks food and after that disgusting mess…..came home. I got a bag of apples….no more than 7 or 8 and it was over $7.00!!!!! Somebody better do something in this country with the gas prices or we will pay one weeks pay for gas and the next for food with nothing left over!!

All the critters are put in for the night and we are ready to turn in too. 6:00 AM comes pretty early! Usually around 6:00 in the morning.

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