Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tues. afternoon…June 3rd…. Back from Hilltown Agway



We made our trip to Greenhill Caffe for lunch at Norton Hill, which is owned by Frank.

Great food at a spectacular price! The Veal Parm Dinner is Excellent!! $10.00

Vicki had Manhattan clam chowder and a egg salad/tuna salad sandwich. I had an egg salad sandwich on wheat and an order of onion rings. We then ran to Hilltown to grab a bag of chick starter because the little hogs in the brooding house are growing so fast…..all they do is eat. We also got rabbit pellets for the bunnies. Here are some pictures of the Agway store, their flowers and the sales staff.

Hilltown Agway provides a large selection of beautiful flowers.

They have several areas and a green house to house their plants.

This is the vegtable section.  


This is Cindy. She is the one that called when the chicks were in.

Here is a view of the store. They have everything you'll need!!

This is Noah. He was kind enough to carry the chick starter up front for us.

This is Denny. He is as knowledgeable as they come and very helpful!

Just thought I would show you a nice sign placed on a locked driveway gate with a chain & padlock!  Friendly.....neighborhood,Huh?  Just let me die....Please!

Our barn should be straighter than this.......I HOPE!

Starting to look better out there. As soon as my knees quit aching we'll be back on top of it!

Things look pretty good, I think!

The barn will look great where we built it and be very handi.

We left and came home where Vicki has been on the sofa ever since. She is a little nauseas from her hernia and her leg is aching a little. My knees are aching in those two special spots, so I would say the rain is on it’s way. Usually my knees ache 6 to 8 hours to 15 hours before and after a rainy spell. All my work at the barn is ladder work now, so I know not to do any of that with aching knees, but look at how much better things look out there. I’ll have to save the Thump & Move & Grunt day on the ladder for another day when rain isn’t coming.

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