Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sat. June 21st, Beautiful day… feel great… Vick is better!!

What a beautiful, sunny day! I’ll do some plywood work today on the barn floor, because I feel great and the back pain is gone.

We just got the new sign for the farm yesterday. Here is a picture of it. It is 24”x36”, double sided. We need to make a frame and put it up in place of the old one we hand painted originally.


Rooster Cogburn is doing much better and improves daily. It is obvious to us now that he and MR got into a fight and MR almost killed him. (He’s such as nasty bastard) He’ll get his one day. Vicki says Cogburn is not going back into the hen house. He can stay in the pen until the new barn is done and then he gets it.

MR and Stewie get along great. (until Stewie pisses MR off not doubt) Anyway, Cogburn is recovering daily. He can almost stand erect again as of today. His progress has been slow……about a week now, but if it takes another week to fully recover who cares.

Cogburn is doing much better now.

We think MR almost killed him in a fight one night last week 

There's still alot of good crowing left in him!

OK, Off we go to do a loft floor.

The barn is coming along good!

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