Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday June 6th…Rainy…Lightning & thunder…lots-a-rain!!!!

Today will not be my “put the step up for the barn loft day” I can assure you of that! It has been raining since about 4:00 am and has just recently slowed to a drizzle. To think, I rushed to pulled the tie rod from the John Deere, in the dark last night, straightened it and got the wheels re-aligned so we could finish the mowing today!! Oh well, The pond was positively in need of this rain, so we will not fret about the barn building or any other work out there today, besides, we need to go to Lowe’s for the plywood flooring, install an air conditioner in the downstairs before this weekend's sweltering heat arrives and then also, being Friday, we are hoping to go to Richie’s for Friday evening dinner, which we have not been able to do for a month. If Vick is up to it….we’re going.

Troy Topsoil Inc., delivered a whole truckload (22.5 tons) of crusher run dust for the barn, driveway and any other place we need to fill in with this material that resembles macadam when placed on top of 2B stone and packed down. This will be the floor of the barn and where the critters dwell, it will be covered with wood chips which will scoop up very easily after this stuff has set up. It will be like scooping sawdust off of concrete. Troy is a very good company and has been delivering directly to us from the quarry ever since we have moved in and started using their services.

It is possible we can get a few pictures today if we go to get materials, on the way to Richie’s house or even there, during dinner, but there probably won’t be any pictures of the barn for a day or so. Let’s hope Vick has another good day of progressing forward with her back. She has been constantly gaining ground. Today should be no different!!!

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