Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Night, June 15th… Kid’s are all little buggers…….

Don’t have many of the pictures I wanted to post to the Blog tonight because my niece deleted them for some reason. I had several pictures of her, Kenny and Rich building a swing and moving it around outside when we arrived but they’re gone. As we ate, she was snapping pictures of what I thought was the family, as we enjoyed a Father’s Day dinner, but she was goofing around and taking pictures of cakes, pies and stuff on the table instead, so we have nothing good to post and I have very little for the family album for this holiday now. Makes ya wonder sometimes…………

On the way home, we snapped a really nice picture of the moon rising over Hunter Mountain on the west slope. Then we got a few pictures of the town of Hunter and some of Tannersville’s brightly colored businesses along main street. We stopped at the Kaaterskill Mill for an ice cream cone and captured a pretty sky to the east of Cairo, NY.

When we got home, we fed the critters, got them bedded down and then I worked on web sites…….ours and creating a new one for our daughter-in-law, the Dr.

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