Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thurs. Eve, June 19th… Back from Jersey with heavy heart..

Well, we made it back from New Jersey where we said "See Ya" to Sally, her two children, her mother and her brother. We said "See Ya" rather than "goodbye" because our hearts were heavy enough by loosing such a good friend to the thousands of miles between us and Slovokia. Sally leaves for Slovakia on the 26th where they have bought property to build a house near her brother. We will now be able to communicate with them through skype, which is new to us, but we will master it to be able to talk to Sally, Matt and the kids. We have to set up the skype program, get a camera and a microphone, but that won’t be hard to do. Then we will be able to talk to Sally and see her and the kids as we talk for free. Matthew will be here on the 27th & 28th to build an upstairs unto the barn floor I put down tomorrow, so if we have skype till then, he can possibly talk to Sally and the kids in the evenings. He will stay over here for a year or so as they try to sell their house in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Sally, her son Bryan and Mom.

This is Nicolas.... the fisherman & "Shining Star" at school.

Sally and her brother Rocco

We saw some beautiful scenery this morning from route 41 bridge over the Catskill creek. (which is the calendar perfect site) We also went past the office of the VNA, which was Vicki’s home office, though she worked from her home on computer and in the field daily. She did, however, go to the office for paperwork and meetings. She misses the job, but wouldn’t trade retirement on the farm to go back. ME EITHER!

This is but one of the heavenly views we enjoy up here daily!

Here we see a deer browsing and drinking along the Catskill Creek.

Thisis the office of the VNA, where Vicki worked for 15 years as a Registered Nurse.

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