Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday June 18th…Lost track of all time…in the Outer Limits!!

Ever have one of those days when you don’t get much done…don’t know where the time went and don’t really care anymore? We welcome to my today! Right now, I don’t know what happened to this morning except for eating breakfast at Green Hill Caffe at 10:30AM. Now it is 9:24 PM and all I can tell you I did today was built a new mailbox post and installed a new mailbox on it almost 4 feet from the road. If a snow plow hits it this winter, I’m gonna track the driver down and kick his butt and he can put it back up. They knocked it off about 5 times, in the less than two winters we’ve been here. No wonder people plant 4” pipe four feet in the ground, pour it full of concrete and mount their boxes on them. I’m sure the butt hole only hits those once and he stays away from them after that and he gets false teeth. It spins the truck around the ring too.

I did put the dirt back in the four post holes at the Wilson house and mounted the fence pieces. Now we have to make a plywood head and paint Wilson Wilson’s face on it and place the pot hat on it. (will look just like the neighbor Wilson Wilson, on the “Home Improvement” show. )

Jeff showed up again tonight to figure out where to fudge on the square problem for the top floor of the barn, but he came when we were at GNH. He struck a few lines with Chris and said to start on the back side and lay the plywood as we discussed and then call him and he will come back to strike a square box on the floor and fudge from there.  I’ll just do it on Friday and have it done and over with, then call him. Got to go to New Jersey tomorrow to see Sally before she leaves for Slovakia on the 26th. I’ll take the prints and pictures to show Matthew and Mark what they will be doing when they come up on the 27th and take care of anything I can in the mean time. We won’t have a blog tomorrow morning because of going down there, but I’ll try to do an evening blog if we have time when we get home. The steps were put in yesterday and I have one sheet of plywood up on the floor.

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