Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24th…overcast & sticky…gonna rain…I feel it!

Boy, what a hot, sticky, humid morning with cloud cover indicative of an all-day rain session. I left the animals all out anyway. We must make a trip to Tannersville today to drop eggs off to Lee and cover with him, what is going on at Dr. Paster’s office with the spinal decompression sessions. Lee knows about Vicki going because he hinted that she might benefit from such a program, so I’m sure he will be interested in how her first session went and will also check out her alignment to make sure it is correct since this was the plan. Make sure everything is aligned perfectly while the disc heals. Vicki and my job is to make sure she does nothing to re-injure or stress the disc in any way. It’s a big loop with Vicki, Dr. Lee, Dr. Paster and Greene County Imaging and me, but it’s an all important loop of people working toward Vick’s cure.

Got some pictures of the farm and animals, first thing in the morning. The one is all the young chickens…..about 65 in all, “flying the coop” when I first open the door to the brooding house. This is the scene I see every morning without fail……a rush of birds. I laugh every time I see it! Vick snapped a few pictures last evening of the “Wilson House” with the new fences, but she wants to have higher fences which is ok, because I have some sections coming down out by fort apache that I will put there for her. She is then going to paint the face of Wilson Wilson from Home Improvement, I’ll stick it on the fence and stick a hat on the head so he looks like he is peeking over the fence like he does on the sitcom when he is talking to “Tool Man, Tim Taylor” !  Vicki has wanted to do this ever since we got the little shed/outbuilding. We enjoy doing this kind of stuff even it it seems stupid. Life is for laughing and enjoying and we do both!

Rooster Cogburn is recovering nicely from the beating MR gave him. He can almost stand erect now.

Hens around the "Wilson House " in the evening. See the fences?

This is Grover, Vick's friend. His mate, Rover, is missing. We hope she is sitting on a clutch of eggs out in the woods. 28 days will tell if she is coming back with ducklings or was eaten.

The last three pictures are of the chickens "flying the coop" in the morning! About 65 of them...all at once!

Looking across the duck pond, to the Pupskill Lake, to the grazing area beyond the barn, where you see fence posts. This is where the Donkey's and sheep will graze.

We do have to make a trip to Lowes for plywood siding and GNH for 2x4’s before Friday though. Matt & Mark will start the barn then.


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