Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday June 8th…. Heading for Salem, NY to The Gardenworks

Today is going to be another hot, muggy day of sitting in an air conditioned house or car. We choose the car today…which will take us all the way to Salem, New York, an upstate community garden shop store called the garden works where they are holding a Hospice workshop. Jon Katz will speak about his work with Hospice, which I feel he uses to sell his books, but that’s my opinion. Also, Keith, the guy that runs the Hospice program up there will also be in attendance and that is who Vick wants to see anyway, so we will go up and see the show, buy some plants, take some pictures and be back before evening. It’s a nice ride to Saratoga Springs on the Northway, then east to Schuylerville, then to East Greenwich, then to Salem, catch a right turn on route 30 to The Gardenworks. See ya later this evening with pictures.

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