Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday, June 22nd…Nice day after all! Rain stopped, sun came out.

I went out this afternoon when the rain had stopped and the sun was done broiling everything and put the loft floor down. It was still hot out there, but not as hot as it was when it was cooking the rain off. That was like a pan of water cooking on a stove. You could see the water vapor hanging in the sky as it baked off the ground, trees and foliage. I had a few beams to locate on the pushout office end, but that was easily accomplished, then I completed the plywood flooring and started to stack the pre-cut 2x4’s in the center of the floor near the stairwell opening. These, I will stack across the open end of the ceiling beams where Matt and Mark can grab them as they build the walls on the floor. That way they will be up there, but not in their way to build walls and near enough to grab and go.

Strange what you will see while you are using a pneumatic framing nailer and throwing plywood sheets around… I guess the over abundance of wildlife is comfortable around all the normal daily noises of the farm, because the wild geese fed within 10 feet of us while working and had their young goslings within 30 yards of us and today…. well just look at the pictures.

Deer, Great Blue Heron & 6 Indian  Runner Ducks!

Not to often you get a deer this close to a Great Blue Heron and a group of Indian Runner ducks…..actually, “the Rat Pack Ducks” don’t ya know!

Our Lake from overhead on the barn floor.

The Duck and Chicken barn, back shed & brooding House.  Time for a shower and bed! See you all tomorrow…


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