Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday, June 2nd…. What a pretty, cool, sunny day..

I need to get to the barn and start finalizing the position of the beams and locking them into place with the metal plates. I still have the final three beams to actually slide into place and then those three plus two more to plate and anchor before doing the floor trusses up above. It would be nice to get the steps into place and fastened so you could go up them to the upper floor when we get the plywood to put down. We checked with Ed Pooters Jr., owner of “Middlefield Lumber”, about plank board vs. plywood and what he thought. He said “It would definitely be quicker and possibly cheaper, if not about the same money to use plywood. I am building a small building, so I researched that very thing for my own building.” You know, it is not a stupid thing to do when you turn away business and lose that potential money as he did by telling us that, it was extremely honest and a reflection of Ed’s integrity as a businessman…… one I will highly recommend to any of my friends or acquaintances as an excellent supplier for any of their lumber needs!

Just look how he delivers and stacks the wood. I never touched it!

We need to get the car inspected today at 4:00 and after that, Vicki has an appointment with Lee the chiropractor, in Tannersville. This is good, because I will be sure that Vicki is still in alignment and we can stop at the Price Chopper supermarket for some groceries. We’ll then enjoy a leisure meal somewhere, because I am not turning all the critter loose and we won’t have to be back before dark for them to be put away.

Well, looks like I better get cracking or I’ll not even get to the barn before we have to leave. I promise we will try to get some photos on the mountain and through the clove on the way back, along with some of the barn and anything else of interest!

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