Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, June 23rd… Overcast, rainy but cool. Glad the barn is done and ready!

Not much to do this morning, but that’s ok since we have an appointment in Guilderland with a chiropractor for a consultation interview about spinal decompression and whether Vicki is a candidate for the newly released procedure. I think she is….In fact, I know she is. I hope they can do this and it returns her feet to normal along with all the other problems she has had with this stupid disc issue for years. She is now confident that it has been causing her trouble for years!!! We’ll see.

More good news!!!! Just got off the phone with Rob, our CPA and learned his son Spencer is graduating from the 6th grade at Mount Public School in Long Island, New York!

Kudos Spencer….From the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm… home of Vicki & Skip, Snavely, Bear, Dutchess, Princess, the little black terror……Casey Mae and all the ducks, chickens, Turkeys, rabbits, fish & turtles!! Your Mom & Dad sure are proud of you!! Us too.

Had a really nasty storm early this morning at 2:something… The public address system sounded and awoke us telling us the storm was coming… as we listened to the storm rage…almost done before the alert! Hope we never have a tornado……we’ll be in Kansas before the alert is sounded.

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