Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday June 9th… Too hot to do anything but ride!!

This morning after turning all the critters out to pasture and feeding the baby chicks inside the brooding house, We went back inside the house and sit in front of the air conditioner. Vicki mentioned she was hungry and we should go out for a nice casual lunch somewhere new, so we got into the car and drove to Glenmont, just below Albany and had a buffet lunch at Alteries. After that, we stopped at a little gas station selling gas at $4.13 per gallon and got stuck behind this stupid blonde that put every credit card she had, then at least three from the lady sitting inside the car, yet none would work. Finally, it dawned on her that she had to flip the handle up to start the pump after she ran the card and was approved all 6 times. How stupid do you have to be????? I said to Vick, surely if you can afford to drive a Lincoln Continental, you should have a credit card that isn’t maxed out! You just assume they know how to pump gas in a state where you have to pump it yourself!!

Now this is one stupid woman! She is on her 6th credit card and didn't start the pump by flipping the handle up.

After getting gas, we stopped at a Marshall’s store and Vicki got a new pillow, hoping that will help her fall asleep at night.

After securing the Pillow, we came home and sat in front of the air conditioner again. I napped a little and Vicki worked on her stained glass project for Dr. Lee.

When it started to get dark, we put all the critters away and decided the black chicks we turned loose two days ago were doing so well that we would turn all the older chicks loose tomorrow. Then we will only have the younger ones which will move to the adult side and we will be ready for the other Bantams & Guinea Hens when they call to tell us they are in and we can pick them up at the Hilltown Agway.

If you look right behind the white chair you'll see a fawn.

The tree turkeys are doing great. The come when you call them.

We got hungry at 10:00 PM, so we went to the Twelve Tribes at the Oak Hill Restaurant for a salad, peanut butter-banana & Honey sandwich and a couple root beers. Then it was home again where we closed the critter doors for the night and retired to blogging then bed.

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