Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Night…June 14th…LATE NIGHT!! Never get caught up!

Well, we did it again…..or maybe I should say DIDN’T do it again!

I decided not to put the plywood down until after the 20th, so it would not be in the rain to warp and the steps wouldn’t get all soaked either. If I wait until close to the time the guys from New Jersey come t do the upstairs and roofs, we will be in better shape to ensure the plywood doesn’t buckle and warp.

We went for Dinner and upon returning, worked on a new web page for the Hospice added to our site and another for Dr. Loraine J. Alderman, Psy.D. She is publishing a book on (APD), an auditory processing disorder, which will be in book stores a short time from now. While working on our Hospice page, time slipped away and it got dark and all the animals were still out. I went out and the chickens were all in their respective places, both in the hen house and the brooding house, but I had to herd the turkeys to the brooding house and get the adult ducks in. They were scattered around the duck house, but not in. The “Ratpack of Indian Runners” (the juvenile runners) were smart enough to stay out in the middle of the big pond where predators couldn’t reach them. When I called them….they just swam around in circles… I told them to go home… which one started quacking incessantly as if to be saying “Oh no buddy, who are you to tell us to come in there…..Let’s see some identification!”

I just placed the flashlight under my chin and yelled “Quack, Quack, Quack!” It’s as if once I sounded off and they could see my face, they were ok with coming in, but I had to hold the light in front of them so they could see to get to the duck house where the light was on for them. I finished feeding everyone and went back into the house to work on the websites again.

Time for bed……..I’m beat! Good Night

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