Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wed. June 25th… almost ready on Barn…need to mow grass too!

I still have a little bit of ready work to perform on the barn to be ready for Friday, but it doesn’t amount to anything important. I need to square off the top section and cut the overhanging plywood off and then, using the chain saw, cut the beams off flush too. I’ll take care of that this morning and maybe mow a little (if possible) before we start our trek to Guilderland for the spinal decompression session today at 4:00 PM in Dr. Paster’s office. We will take pictures of the folks there in the office and the equipment while Vick is being treated. We’re really looking forward to the sessions and Vicki finally gaining relief to this back problem that has bothered her for years . It is a short ride to Guilderland but we will check the odometer today for an exact mileage reading.

Rooster Cogburn is now standing fully erect a lot of the time, but hasn’t regained enough strength and coordination to walk erect yet. We believe he was very near death that morning I found him beaten. He must have sustained substantial brain damage due to swelling from being so savagely pecked by MR.!! Does anyone out there want a beautiful but extremely nasty rooster to guard their flock? If you take him……you get all three of the 1” PVC rooster sticks used to walk around the premises also!! What a BARGAIN! Free!!!!!!!!!! Chicken and personal protection at no cost!! Just email!

Perhaps, I will do the squaring on the barn, go to Guilderland and upon returning this evening, mow the grass! (maybe) At least the sun will be down and a little cooler!

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