Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday, June 1st…. Beginning a new month of our lives!!!!

Today looks like it will be a beautifully sunny day. A good day to live or a good day to die….whatever the good lord has in mind for us. I’m not one to ever worry about such things because I always say, You live, then you die……. but you must do it in that order You cannot fret your life away, rolled in a ball, under the banky’s of your bed, as I have heard the covers referred to, because you cannot cope with life’s problems. You cannot exist as if you are a living corpse, wrapped in the shroud of your bed covers until you die and then come back to relive your life all over because you screwed it up the first time and missed it all. It’s done……Gone……Over forever!!

Get off your ass and get out there and love your life…love you spouse and family each and every day God gives you and be ready to die everyday! If your life sucks as mine did for so long, CHANGE IT ! Don’t hate it and except it…..Change it!

Everyone’s life is worth living!

It’s Sunday…… go into the back yard, take a lawn chair to the center of your yard and sit it down, set in the chair with your eyes shut and empty your mind of all thoughts and just listen. Listen to all the little meaningless sounds you miss hearing daily. Hear the wind gently blowing past your ears, the rustling of a leaf in the tree, the sounds of people and traffic going hurriedly, here and there, the laughter of kids, the conversation of adults, the chirping of birds or the bark of a dog. This my friend, is life! Life going on all around you!!! If you are hiding under your banky, in your bed, just listen there. It is never quiet……there is always something you can hear. If I put you into a box and bury you six feet deep in the earth, you can still hear things….you will hear your own heartbeat. Those sounds are life……, until God withdraws the gift of it that he gave you to enjoy… enjoy it and be ready for God to come calling you home after your big adventure in life.

Today Vick and I will take my own advise and get off our asses and into the car and go somewhere as long as Vicki’s back and legs enjoy it. If she cannot ride comfortably, we will have a short adventure. If she can ride ok, it’s up to her. I have the Atlantic Ocean on my right and the Pacific Ocean on my left and lots of places to go and see in the middle and all roads lead to somewhere! I’ll feed the livestock and we’ll be off. (I’m already off a little to begin with, so actually going crazy for me is a short stroll…..I don’t even need a ride.)

The intercom rang a few minutes ago and when I talked to Vick, she mentioned Vermont……….who knows? Just a hop, skip & a jump to coffee and a Danish at the Apple Barn on route 7, after a right at the clock in Bennington, then on the left just a mile out of town! We take 7 out of Troy to Vermont, where it turns to route 9, and at the bank Clock, where Vermont route 7 crosses, turn right. The Apple barn is one mile on the left. Beautiful flowers, food and trinkets. There are beautiful watercolors, oil paintings and gifts sold there to benefit Hospice also.


                             Leave anyone else at home!

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