Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday…June 12th… Vick’s Dad’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Joe!

Sunny, cool…a Beautiful day for a Birthday… We will join them in Kingston later this evening to celebrate his birthday at the Red Lobster Restaurant.

I’d just as soon forget my birthdays in the future. I’ve had enough of them anyway and I surely don’t need anymore. Give mine to a kid! They always look forward to them and enjoy them. I know a kid would like to have two a year anyway!

I don’t think we will go for plywood today because Vick is having trouble with a sizzling pain running down through her thigh again, so we will just relax and go to Lee’s appointment at 2:00 today and then bum around until it is time to meet Joe and the family later this evening in Kingston. We are in good shape at the barn and I can lay the floor in one day easily. The stairs are just a lift and a couple screws in each side, so why rush to do it today?

Following is a thought from Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice……..


Gone are the days we’ve known as carefree children playing in the sun,

for the world is not the same place we inhabited so many years ago,

I recall my lifetime growing up and recollect being here the entire time,

yet the world changed as though I had left and gone to a different place.


Gone are the days of allowing our children to walk to a store down the road,

and gone are the days of photographing our kids as they play and grow,

gone are the days of Halloween where kids could amass a container of candy,

and gone are the days when people helped their fellow man hurt and in need.


Gone is a time when help was a neighborly thing that happened automatically,

replaced bya phobia of suspicion for the motive of a neighbor offering help,

gone are those days of heart felt concern for the welfare of a close family,

as gone are the days of God being asked to help in ones everyday functions.


It’s difficult to change what’s going on in this world of ours as the days pass,

for it’s difficult to offer friendship to a person half way around the world,

and you cannot stop the thief from killing an innocent person for a dollar,

as a tree doesn’t fall from a single chop of an axe… little changes the world,

but each kind word you speak… or kindness you bestow… will add up to many,

many kindness’ changed the hateful hearts of men to now love one another.


The world continues to move on both day and night….toward unknown destiny,

and we hope for the best as we carry on with our daily tasks and endeavors,

but do you think of those left without hope for tomorrow as they live today,

their life’s near the end and they feel alone as the world moves around them,

for their health is failing and they need their friends that are now all gone,

as we wish them well but have no time to surround ourselves with dying lives.


Let them not meet the end forgotten…alone…scared and feeling abandoned,

for they deserve the friendship they gave throughout their lives to others,

and although their body’s fail them…they are still the friends of years ago,

don’t drift off and run away, for they may only last today, be here for them.


Visit a Hospice Patient Today……

They need your love and support!


It’s Amazing What A Heart Can Do!

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