Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, June 30th … Last day of the month….AGAIN!

Slow Down Summer!!!! Am I the only one that thinks the summer is streaking past us at 10 times the speed of winter months? At this rate, the day after tomorrow, it will be snowing again! WOW!

Well, we made it through this weekend in better shape than we thought. We made both graduation parties, met and re-met a lot of very nice people and made out ok at home with the barn project also. We were very pleased that everything went so well and easy.

We were a little late to our nephew’s party due to the barn building…..I had to help Matt and Mark get the steel roofing on the roof and guided them a little, because they never worked with steel roofing before, but I showed them a little bit on the first and second piece, and they took off running as usual. Once we had all the steel sheets on the roof, we took off for Kenny’s party. It was a nice affair with a lot of guests and I got to meet Robin’s mother. I knew most of the other people there, but did meet a few new faces. We stayed as long as we could, and knowing the restaurant’s closing time, we left in time to grab dinner for Matt & Mark since they doing all the work on our barn for us. Vicki called the order in and we just made it before closing time to pick it up.

Yesterday… we were a little late for our grandson, Andrew’s party because of the traffic as we entered the city. It started about four miles before the Whitestone Bridge near the Bronx. We weren’t that late and the party was very nice, being held at a restaurant called Eleanor Rigby’s in Mineola, on Long Island, in New York. I met Loraine’s mother and father, other family members, some of Bill and Loraine's friends, some of which Vicki always knew, and I got to meet Bill’s sister Randy… to speak. I did briefly say hello to her husband Kenny, and met Jason and Matt in passing. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend as much time talking with them as we would have liked to, but, maybe next time.

Upon returning home, we were concerned about the welfare of the animals because it was 11:38 and they were all left out for the day. They could all get into their shelter and to the food, etc., but the doors were left open and a predator could reek havoc upon any of them. We found everything ok when we arrived and then breathed a sigh of relief. All80 chickens were in along with the turkeys and bunnies. the ducks were sitting right by the door, but outside and when I got up this morning, the rat pack, was on the water already. We had missed them last night because they stayed out on the pond and we never saw them. Usually they are the first to go into the duck house……way before the older ducks.

Now we are back to normal…..Matt and Mark Maskal are back in Jersey…back to their regular jobs….and we will be finishing the barn in our own sweet time! (but before fall)

Thanks again Matt & Mark!! We could never thank you enough for all you’ve done for Vicki and I. You guys are the greatest!!

Below is a picture of the barn as they left it for me. A simply amazing job for three days!

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