Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wed. Evening…June 11th…Move Dirt & Stone Day…Cool Job!!

We didn’t get to Lowe’s today, but opted to do it tomorrow if possible. We have a 2:00 PM appointment with Lee on the mountain, but we can do it if we get moving in the morning. If not…there’s always Friday morning too. If not…there’s always Saturday morning…If not………………………… get the point!!

Anyway, I went to our neighbor’s property across the road, where he had a tri-axle load of dirt that was delivered to be used to fill ruts in his yard where the guy that timbered his back lot off drove through the yard. It was so bad you could hardly run the riding mower over the ruts without them throwing you off the mower. I bucketed the dirt all over the yard where ever there were ruts and smoothed them off for Tony. I hope he is happy with what I did for him. I then moved the 2B stone pile in front of the barn to the other side of the property by the tractor shed. and brought a bunch of stone crusher dust into the barn to pack down on top of the 2B stone. It’s looking better and better out there. It’s gonna really look different when the 27th rolls around and Matt and Mark put the top walls up and roof it all. We’ll do the board and batten walls downstairs ourselves.

We are doing better and better with the chickens every evening. Tonight they all went in themselves and all I had to do was herd the turkeys into the brooding house. Stewie Brown has now taken up residence in the duck house with the ducks. He is tired of getting the shit beat out of him and his feathers plucked out by Rooster Cogburn, so he moved out of the hen house. Vicki and I decided that Stewie Brown can be the Cock of the Walk in the new barn when the chicken area is completed out there, so he will have to live with the ducks until the 27th of June or so. We didn’t get any pictures of the barn, but we did get of the chickens, ducks and turkeys. There’s even one of Casey Mae coming home from the Vet’s office yesterday.

Casey Mae on the way home from the Vet's Office.  Got her Heart Worm Medicine!

Latest work on the downstream Beaver Dam. Sure is water proof!

Looking upstream from road. Our pond is up as far as you can see, to the left.

Gobble...Gobble....Gobble.  Ol' Jake and the two girls, Tina & Toni

Here's the RatPack!! Indian Runners are so neat and they stick together like theives!

Here's the Geriatric RatPack.. Three runners, a Khaki Campbell, three Rouen males, a Cayuga, a Black East Indies and a missing Rouen female.

Just a hand full of the seventy new chicks we have..... fourty five of which are free ranging now.

Black Sex Links raiding the duck food as the others watch.

More waiting in line to hit the duck food.

These guys are early birds in the brooding house tonight.

These Barred Plymouth Rocks are ready to release tomorrow.

There are some wild looking Bantams.....and such tiny little buggers.


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