Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1st… Another new month with NEW excitement for all!

All you need to do is get out in the world and view the beauty all around us to achieve an excitement high. The further you look… the more you will see and the more excited you will become. Everyone loses sight of the beautiful scenery we possess here and can see on an everyday basis…..the very things that other visitors, both north and south of us, pilgrimage to see every year. They make the trip, wholly or as a part of their annual vacations, to come here and see what you and I can see every day around us.

Yesterday was a “hump” day for us… after a long weekend of running and rushing everywhere we went, we were beat and couldn’t get over that “hump“…thus, no evening blog. I just couldn’t keep my mind focused or my eyes open.

This morning, we are refreshed and ready to go again…. we are over the “hump” and now we are ready for the smooth sailing we usually encounter.

Today, Vick has an appointment with Dr. Paster at 10:30. We love to go there, because of the positive results the Spinal Decompression Therapy has had on Vicki’s condition. We like the upbeat aura of Carol, Jim and sometimes Joan, when we go in and say Hi, then the friendly smiles of all including the very busy Dr. Mike Paster make us wonder where else you could go to feel any better?

Below are a few pictures of one of the beautiful lakes we pass on our way to Dr. Paster’s office.

All of the pictures below are of the Alcove Reservoir along route 32  

Above: This is a Beaver in the middle of the lake

All the kids are now enjoying their Summer vacations!

Remember how we all looked forward to that (then couldn't wait to get back to school in September?) summer vacation?

Enjoy it Katie and Spencer........AND good luck to Kenny and Andrew as they start a new adventure in life after graduation last week.  We love ya all!!

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