Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Eve, July 19th … Didn’t do much but recuperate today!

This was a day of rest for both Vicki and Me. We didn’t do much of anything, but sure had fun doing it! We just bummed around the house and stayed out of the blistering heat. We did put a clock together, which Vick bought several months ago. We put it together and then I took it out and mounted it to the deck. It’s neat, has the time on one side of the clock and the barometric pressure, temperature and relative humidity on the other. It puts you in mind of the town clocks they have on the sidewalks in some towns like Schoharie, and Bennington, Vt.

We went to Vicks spinal decompression therapy which went well and then when we got home, we put the critters away and here I am….Blogging about nothing….saying nothing…. and typing nothing. I will however show you some funny pictures….. two in the ever changing garden life of Barbie & Boobie…………A horny old goat ranch……… and a stupid, stupid fire hydrant that will kill people or cause snake bites!! Stay tuned!! Pictures at eleven….. oh well maybe eleven after now.

This week, Barbie is a surgeon, on her way to operate....Where is her assistant?

Ah, yes.... Doesn't boobie look like little miss muffet...sitting on her tuffet, gonna bong the patient with a bed pan.

A little further down the road we came to an area that can boast of having the most stupid place for a fire hydrant. Either the fireman keels over with a heart attack or he is snake bitten as he trips over the rocks on his way to the rocky mountain hi-drant!!!

Not a good enough picture to see where it is?

How about the little whicte stick in the center of the picture at the top of the hill...across the stone pile, rattlesnake pit.

Next, not too far from this hydrant....further along the way, we came to the horny old goat farm.

Ya don't see anyone you know in this group do ya?

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