Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday, July 11th… What to do….What to do??

We need those rabbit hutches built and we need this barn completed so 70 chickens have a place to lay eggs in the fall, but then there's all that living to do too. Yesterday, we went to Schoharie so we could see Our friend, Stanley Maltzman’s art exhibit. He is showing his art, along with his daughter Susan’s art at the Wellington’s Herb & Spice Farm. What a place! We wouldn’t have traded our visit there yesterday for anything. What an experience and what kind people run the place. Carolyn Wellington is as friendly as they come and although we didn’t get to meet Frederick, I know he has to be just as nice & friendly as his wife. We plan a trip back soon, just to enjoy a lunch there and meet Frederick, if possible.

With that in mind, I make the statement….What to do…what to do?

Do you just stay home and work on everything that needs done and miss the world around you or do you take off every now and then to enjoy life and the lives around you? We opt for the latter. I’ve yet to see work that needs done, go away or get lost because you didn’t feel well one day or had to go away for a day, so we're not going to pass up an opportunity such as yesterday to stay here and work. We’re gonna go meet new friends and enjoy life!!

Gotta run a few errands this morning…take some extra lumber and nails back to GNH and then we’ll work on the barn a little before going to see the nice folks at Dr. Paster’s office in Guilderland for Vicki’s treatment and then maybe we'll hit Altamont or some place ….Just for fun or whatever... Who knows!!

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