Monday, July 14, 2008

Mon. Eve.. July 14th… Did some barn work & Planning before heading to Vick’s appointment

Went out this morning and cut all the gusset supports for the one side of the lower barn roof and nailed them into place. Now if you don’t think that’s an accomplishment for me with sore knees……… even with the knee braces on…… think again. Ladders are a killer. I don’t know why…… it’s not the climbing up or down that gets me, it’s the standing on the rungs that takes it’s toll. I can only go so long and then I have to quit. I can do other work on the ground for the rest of the day, but the ladder work is done when it is done. Well, after I did the long wall you see below, I Worked on the front gable end.

I did a bottom board and a top board that runs along the rise of the lower roof and marked for the wall studs in the gable end. Tomorrow I can’t do anything in the morning, because Vick has to be at Dr. Paster’s office at 10:30 on Tuesdays, but when we get home, I’ll finish the front, then go to the rear, then if I can, I’ll start on the perlins on the roof. If I have had all the ladder I can handle till then, (which will probably be the case) I’ll start putting wall perlins up for the lower outside walls. I need to do that before too long or I will end up using too many 2x4’s and I’ll have to run for more, which I don’t want to do just now. This project has gone over budget and we are out of money temporarily for awhile, so I need to do what I can to get it closed in with what we now have. I can close things up and make them airtight before winter. but right now, I just want to close up the ground level and get it looking like the building it is supposed to look like.

Saw another Huge water snake on the way to Vick’s appointment. He was a little smaller than the one that crawled between my feet when I moved my neighbors boat last fall, and he was almost black, but still a water snake.

We went to Vick’s appointment, then to Crossgates Mall for a bite of Chinese at the mall food court. The slinky little Asian buggers advertise “General Tso Chicken & sweet & Sour Chicken + 2 sides for $3.49 and the little squirt that gives you samples says “Any two meat with 2 side” then points to the $3.49 sign. Well, you better pay attention to the sign, because when you pick any 2 meats and 2 sides that aren’t exactly what the sign says, it is $4.75 each and the lousy egg roll she talks you into is $1.09 each and the one Coke you split is $1.93.…….so with tax, it’s a neat little $14.79 total… So…..beware of the slick little Asian dude!! THIS…all because we saw a $2.99 & $3.49 sign in the first place. You can bet that Old Skip is gonna skin a little Asian Dude next time, cause he will sell me the two meals for the $5.98 + tax and that’s all he gets. No extra nothing, no egg roll and I’ll buy a drink elsewhere and all he gets is his $2.99 per special and I might just eat $5.98 worth myself which will only be $8.97 for all three meals and I'll watch him cry. I’ll bring the extra stuff home. That would then be an exceptional deal for Vick and I. Actually, I should get about 10 of his specials @ $2.99 and take some plastic ice cream buckets and let him put the meat in one and the side in the other and then watch them all flip out…… Little twerps. I HATE SWINDLERS!! Even those little pathetic ones.

Anyway….here are some more pictures you’ll like. We stopped by the Basic Reservoir, which Albany just re-opened to fishing and the Albany people are out there fishing up a storm. You have to go to Albany and purchase a pass or license to fish there. Enjoy, and today was much better than yesterday!

Thought we were back in Pennsylvania when we saw this one.

This is the three bird greeting service when we arrive at home

Toyota has come up with a new bug removal system for the front grill

They are sharing An Automatic License Plate Cleaner (ALPC system) with NY also.

NYDOT loves this little invention!!



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