Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wed. Morn., July 23rd… Rain….Rain…. Rain….Thank God!!!

Our pond is finally starting to see some entry water from the little stream that serves it, but more likely than not, the biggest recovery of it’s former reserve, is due to the direct downpours into the pond, which we received last night to the present time. We received some pretty heavy downpours last night and into this morning and there is much more forecasted for all day long, off and on. Obviously when we get enough rain fall, the streams will again flow as usual, but right now, it is but a trickle into the pond. You would think that with all the downpours we've had since last night, the streams would be flowing at near maximum capacity, but there is very little stream flow yet because it was so dry here!

There is more than enough work on the barn that we can do which is 2/3 under roof. We can do the board & Batten on that side, work on the inside petitions and the chicken wire around the outside run for the chickens, ducks & turkey’s. We can stay busy out there under roof for the entire weekend if necessary, doing outside work during lulls in the rain showers and returning to the under roof work during showers, so bring on the rain…….and lots of it.

Today, Vick has therapy at 11:30, so once she is finished with her therapy for the day, we will go to the Cabe Farm, just down route 20, beyond or maybe still in Guilderland. We found the Cabe Farm a few weeks ago, which sells Local chocolate milk in glass ½ gallon jugs, Pa. ring bologna made by John F. Martin, sweet & regular Lebanon bologna from Pa. and has the nicest array of flowers and other things you could want. We go there often since we found the place.

After all that and finding something good to eat up there, we will probably head for home and build the other rabbit hutch and possibly the colony pen for the males. We could then get them out of the brooding house and into the fresh air so we can clean out the brooding house and get it fixed up like it should be for the birds until we complete the barn section for them. Stay Tuned!!!

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