Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday, July 11th… Worked on Barn AND Got Vick to Dr. & Olsen’s.

We worked on the barn a little this morning…I finished nailing the nailer plates on the beam ends to the mainframe and then installed all the lower roof hurricane clips on the roof rafters.


We took off for GNH to return the furring strips and nails, then stopped at Two Kids Bakery for one of their exquisite lunch sandwiches and pasta salad. When we returned home, I nailed a few more clips up. By that time we had to leave for Guilderland and Vick’s Dr. appointment at 3:30 for the spinal decompression therapy. Again, we saw some changes in the "Barbie Gardens" along the way. Barbie and Boobie are now golfing....and Boobie is waiting at the 19th hole with a bottle. Together, they'll get so lousy drunk they won't find their way out of the garden spot!

Barbie is on her way to the 19th, She must be a lousy golfer to carry a bucket full of balls.

I don't know... I think Boobie is gay! She looks awful seductive... like she wants to get Barbie drunked up and under the table. Look at the size of that wine glass!!!! 

When we left Dr. Paster’s office, we stopped at Olsen’s Greenhouse and Ace Hardware. Vick bought some stuff for ants and looked for plants, but they were picked over and they had no Heliotrope anyway, so we headed for home. When we got to Bryant’s….. We swung into the China Wok for some dinner food.


They make us Wanton soup here! The Lo Mien is ok too!

Just look at the view we had when we pulled into our driveway!

Just how often do you find 3 turkeys & a deer in your driveway in broad daylight?

After eating some Lo mien and soup, we went to the barn again where I kept nailing clips to rafters. About half the upstairs and we will be done with manual nailing, which is killing my thumb and wrists. Vicki says it’s carpal tunnel….which it might be, but I spent my entire life pounding wrenches with the palm of my hand, or pulling wrenches with all my might. I think I’ve just permanently bruised my hands so bad that any pounding causes this severe pain. LOVE GETTING OLD!

As soon as we finish the hurricane clips, we can set a jig and cut all the mid support gussets for the lower roof rafters out of the extra 2x4’s, then install the perlins and steel roofing on the lower roofs. I’ll need to build in the gables too. Vicki gets excluded from a lot now, because she cannot lift with her back as it is. But she is really good company and is a great help by handing me individual nails. I don’t run nails into the ends of my fingers when she picks them one by one and hands them to me. I like that!! So do my fingers.


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