Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday, July 3rd… Getting ready for the 4th… Hoping for sunshine!

Everyone is hustling and bustling around getting ready for the big day of celebration! Grilling… games… company… stories… laughter… swimming and beer! Lots of beer!!!!

The fourth of July spells Summer Fun for millions of people nation wide… forgetting the drudgery of work and enjoying the Big Summer Vacation starter… the kids are fresh outta school and we’re off! You’ve been planning this vacation all winter long!

Well, have fun. Enjoy yourself, because you’ve worked hard and you and your family deserve the time together with fun and laughter abounding. Make memories that will last a lifetime!

But, Please, keep in mind those who cannot have fun this holiday weekend… the people that cannot be together… who cannot smile, laugh, hold their kids… go on a vacation… enjoy a cook out meal around the picnic table because their kids are half way around the world or no longer living. Please remember those young men and women of our armed services and take a minute of you day to honor their efforts and sacrifices to keep us safe and free and above all, say a prayer for those soldiers and their families which have given the ultimate sacrifice while protecting those freedoms you will enjoy this day.

God bless the world… and everyone in it… let peace & love abound!

Today we will get our truck inspected, visit with Richie when he arrives around 11:30. He will undoubtedly have Kenny with him too since he has graduated and he’s gonna hang with Richie for the summer as a break before the college bit. Rich probably had a meeting this morning and he’ll swing by after that to see the progress on the barn. After Richie leaves, I’ll finish sweeping the pool and get all the dead & brown algae swept up and looking good. We also need to go to Majestic Pools in Hudson and pick up one of those chemical solar covers that come in the form of a fish. You just throw it into the pool and a little computer in it lets out enough of that chemical to cover the top of the pool and shields the water, which keeps the heat in and the water from evaporating. The sun goes right through the film and heats the water which heats the water and in the evening when the sun goes down, you shut off your pump which allows the chemical to cover the top of the water fully, blanketing the water to keep theheat in during the chilly nights. I need to mow too, but they are calling for some nasty weather this afternoon. We do need the rain though. Our pond is down a good 16 to 18 inches and the fish are losing color, indicating a lack of oxygen in the water like it was last summer. If we do not get rain soon, we’ll have to run pumps to aerate the water which will re-oxygenate the pond.

Vicki snapped these pictures yesterday! They’re interesting.

From The Barbie Garden

Barbie's friend, Boobie.

My feelings EXACTLY!

Making their way to the unfinished barn already!!

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