Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Eve, July 22nd… Not much to talk about…but rain!!

We went to therapy today, then to Schoharie to see the beautiful artwork of Joan Jones displayed at B’s Nest on main street in Schoharie. She does a most beautiful job of multi media artwork and does them all superbly. We saw oils or acrylics and just lovely pastels of many different subjects. Seeing Joan’s work was easily worth the trip to Schoharie, but was only a stop along the way. We had to run on up to Cobleskill, to the Tractor Supply store for rabbit wire to finish the rabbit hutch and allow us to start the 2nd one and then build a colony pen for the males. We are now ready to build the 2nd of two hutches for the females before they become pregnant and start building a nest in the brooding house or escape.

We got all the chickens and ducks put in, but had what appeared to be a hawk of some kind out there in the dark. What a shrill ear piercing squeal it gave in the darkness, causing both Vick and I concern for the chickens standing in the open doorway in the light. They would surely be an easy target for a swooping hawk.

Tomorrow we are going to go to therapy and then shoot directly home to work on the barn and rabbit hutch.

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