Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thur. Eve…July 10th… What a day near heaven with nice people!

Vicki and I started out this morning with a little problem with one of the E-sisters… (we thought we had 3 female Indian Runner ducks, which we named Elizabeth, Eleanor & Emily.) It turned out that Emily was the only female, but it took about three months to see the boys acting like boys, so we continued to call these boys Elizabeth & Eleanor. Well, anyway, turns out Elizabeth has a “prolapsed “winkie”” (which we found out is not at all uncommon among male domestic ducks) His little “winkie” is outside the vent hole and swollen and will not retract back up inside him……so, nurse Vicki and EMT Skip are treating him with bacitration ointment… Skip holds the duck while Vick rubs his "winkie" with ointment hoping the swelling goes down so it will retract like normal. For now, she had to push his "winkie" back into the vent opening because it is to swollen to go in itself. After this strange duck treatment, we headed to Schoharie, where Stanley Maltzman, our good friend and his daughter, Susan Story, are exhibiting their art work at Wellington’s Herb & Spice Farm on Prospect Road. We’re so glad we went to see their exhibit, because it was like a small piece of heaven……… Such Beautiful Pictures……..Then, SUCH BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!! The Wellington’s raise all their own herbs and spices right there on the farm.

It is owned by a very nice retired couple by the names of Carolyn and Frederick Wellington. We spent at least an hour past closing time talking to Carolyn about anything and everything, smelling the essential oils and taking in the natural beauty of the 100%, all natural, “Certified Organic Farm” and all the plants. Following are a ton of pictures starting with sights we saw along the way to Middleburg and then on to Schoharie and then to The Wellington's gallery, store, ponds full of fish and the grounds rich with organic flowers and herbs.

Can you imagine having such a large camper when you live in this mansion? This is on the way to Middleburg, which we must go through to get to Schoharie.

And on such a beautiful piece of land! Why would you need a camper? Why would you ever leave home?

The town of Middleburg is so quaint. We love it there. Folks are really friendly.

Isn't Middleburg pretty?

This is the gallery at Wellington's Herb & Spice Farm

This is the Herb & Spice Store and Restaurant.

This is the interior of the Gallery with Stanley & Susan's art on the walls.

Art by Stanley Maltzman & his daughter Susan Story. Simply Lovely!!!

Herbs & Spices

More spices & Herbs!!!!!!!

Look at the colors

The restaurant..sandwiches and outrageous tea! Try Carolyn's Special Island Tea!

An outside dining area....Breathtaking View!

One of the two beautiful ponds.

This I believe is a changing house for swiming or fishing. How quaint!

When you see this sign, you're in for a real treat!!!

For a relaxing visit where you will positively get to know a couple of fine new friends, just stop by and see the Wellington’s. They are open Wednesday through Saturday 10:00Am to 4:00 PM and Sundays 11:30 to 4:00 PM From April - December. Take route 30 to Schoharie and turn on to Prospect Street / Rickard Hill Road for 3.1 miles. Watch for their sign on the left.

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