Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Eve. July 26th… We made some major headway today!!

We had a banner day at the ol’ barn site today!! Vick was feeling great and wanted to help, so she was cutting the boards for the board & batten siding on the downstairs. She trimmed the ends on the new Dewalt sliding compound saw, cutting the wall boards to length and I placed them on the walls. We got the back wall next to the rear door built and the front walls finished leaving only the side wall near the road to be completed tomorrow. I’ll frame in the door in the center for the donkeys and sheep and the windows and then the wall boards. Vick will do the batten strips tomorrow while I cut and place plywood on the gable ends and across the upper sections of the roof above the board wall we put in already. I refrained from the roof on the road side to complete the other side completely, so we could house the chickens in this side where they will inhabit it full time. After all the chicken coop side is completed and the chickens are housed, I will go to the other side and start the roof perlins and get the roofing installed. The barn is really coming along now and everything we do shows, making it more and more interesting and exciting to work on. Soon, we will start fabricating the upper hinged doors and lower sliding doors. It is really going to be a nice place to house the animals and with a solid, clean, dry feed room, inaccessible by rodents and such, it is going to be such a pleasure………. we can care for the animals and never have to worry about running out of feed or anything we can stock up on……especially in the winter……when it is colder than sin and snowing and I can pull the truck into the entryway, close the doors and unload feed. What a nice thought!!!!! Well, here is where we got today. Sorry about the picture quality….took them at 9:45, in the dark.

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