Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tues. Eve, July 15th… Here we go again!! ½ the month gone already!!

Jeese… at this rate, as I’ve said before…… summer will be over in a few hours so it seems. Half of this month is already gone and we are boring down on the remaining 16 days of July like a screaming meemie. These days, the time flies by so fast that a day seems like minutes and months seem like hours. I just know that I’ll take a little afternoon nap because it’s too hot to be out there in the sun working and when I awaken, it will be snowing and I’ll have that usual two feet of snow to remove from the driveway. We should all wear a perpetual seat belt...... our lives move so fast.

We made it to Vicki’s appointment this morning and we were asked by Dr. Paster if we would mind doing 11:30 daily Monday through Friday with the exception of Thursdays, which he never did anyway. That’s kind of neat because we can get around in the morning when we get up, get dressed and take off, get the therapy out of the way and return for the entire afternoon of working on the barn or whatever we feel like doing that day. If Vick decides to go to Vermont for the day or to the Wellington Herb & Spice Farm, we just leave from Guilderland after the therapy session is done. Everything is set at home for the day anyway, so we don’t have to worry about the critters until we return.  Anyway, today when we were done with therapy, we went to Altamont

(such a pretty little mountain town) to the Agway store and picked up more flowers and an automatic egg turner to fit the incubator we bought to hatch Spot's 18 duck eggs..... and this evening at about 9:30.... we placed all the eggs in the 99.5 degree incubator and marked the date. Now we will patiently wait 25 days, remove the automatic turner and place all the eggs in the bottom of the incubator and in three more days they will either hatch or be the deadliest little stink bombs a person could ever hope to touch without detonation.

When we got home this afternoon, I took a little nap, (for an hour and it wasnt snowing when I awoke…but I checked!) then I went to the barn, finished the gable end, built in the lower wall corner at the big front door, getting ready to frame out the feed room entry door, and installed the middle board for the ground level board and batten covering as you can see in the pictures.

Tomorrow when we get home from therapy, we will start the roof perlins and hopefully if my knees do as well as today, lay the steel roofing too. I must then do the rear gable on the house side and then move to the road side and do the gusset supports there.

Busy, Busy, Busy………………………………But...Tomorrow we will be running around singin' Happy Birthday to YOU!!

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