Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thurs. July 31st… Had a nice trip to Guilderland…mall…Ichiban’s

We worked on the barn for a little while this morning. At one point, Vick came into the house to make phone calls and I stayed out there nailing batten strips on the board cracks. She first called Verizon to complain about their people who were to come today between 8 and 12:00 noon to hook us up to their phone service, but someone screwed up the order and no one showed up or called. She was pissed! (and now they know it) Then she called her Mom & Dad to see if they were indeed coming today to visit with us and go out for lunch. The had just gotten up, but were planning on coming over yet, so Vicki said that we would wait for them and we would take them out to eat. She then came out to the barn with the truck keys and I put the gun away and we headed to GNH for 50 more 2x4’s which I will use for interior walls and framing in around the outside fencing area for the chickens. After returning from GNH, I unloaded and stacked the 2x4’s, cleaned up the other stuff laying around, shoveled the pile of stone chips level near the roadway door and was ready to hang it up and get showered and ready for Joe & Anita’s arrival when Vicki hollered out that it was time to get ready. Good Timing!!!!

Joe and Anita were here when I came down all showered and ready to go. We waited for a little bit while they watched the chickens, ducks & turkey’s and then we left for Guilderland with the intentions of taking them to Loudonville to Lanie’s Café for lunch. Once we got to Guilderland and we showed them where Vick goes on a daily basis for therapy,

Paster's Chiropractic, where Vicki goes for her Spinal Decompression Therapy.

we gave them the choice of Lanie’s or Ichiban’s, which is another of our favorite places to eat Chinese. They chose to eat Chinese cuisine, so we told them we could go to Ichiban’s and we could take them to Lanie’s Café next time. They really enjoyed the food and we were all stuffed when we left there and headed for home. We stopped along the way at the Country Flowers nursery again to show Vick’s parents how beautiful everything there is and they were totally awestricken by the amount of beautiful and colorful flowers still available this late in the season. Vicki bought them a 4” potted, pretty blue, tropical plant that looked much like a Phlox of some kind, but it wasn’t. Her Dad fell in love with the blue and like me...... he loves flowers and doesn’t care who knows it. We left there with an odd yellow cone flower that we had never seen before.  It’s the same as the purple ones you always see, but we have never seen one in yellow before and Mrs. Heilman said they just came out with yellow this year. Vicki was infatuated with it so we bought one.

The Phlox like flower Vicki bought for her Mom & Dad. See the humming bird moth in the center?

Here is the usual purple cone flower you see everywhere.

Here is the new Yellow cone flower they just came out with this year.

More pretty flowers and gorgious colors!

Beautiful yellow flower

I just love this pretty two colored, dainty flower!!!!

When we got home, Joe and I watched the birds for awhile and then talked a little about the remaining work we will be doing on the barn when Vicki called to us and said for her dad to come to the pool deck to see Casey Mae swimming. We went up and sat on the deck and Joe threw the retriever toy into the far end of the pool for Casey Mae to fetch, which she did with little effort… many times!

Fetch Casey Mae!!

And she did!!!!! Many times!

After Casey Mae got tired of retrieving the toy, we retired to the lower deck where Joe and I talked until it was time for them to leave. They had to get home because Katie would be there all alone. Vicki and I did our feeding preparations for the evening and did our computer work, then went out and closed everything up with all the birds away. We then retired to the computer room again where we watch Snavely try to be friends with Dutchess, (to no avail) whom we’ve dubbed Ms. Crab*ass.

Not such a lovely smile or friendly mannerism is it?


Nah......definitively not!!

Poor Snavely has been trying to make up to Dutchess since Vicki and I got together and she hasn't been sucessful and it doesn't look like she ever will be.

As a final note tonight, I wanna say, "Hi Spencer!!  When are you, Mom and Dad coming up for a weekend, or even a whole week to visit and relax? You'll love the farm now that it's getting cranked up good and proper with 100 chickens, the ducks and big ol' turkeys!

How about you Bill, Loraine & Andrew?

How about you Doreen & Scott?

How about you guys Bonnie & Scott?

And yes there Robin... Pop your Southern Belle butt into an airplane to Newark Airport...We'll do the rest!



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