Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tues. Eve July 29th… Had an interesting and productive day!!!!

We went to the bank this morning and made a deposit, then headed for Guilderland for an 11:30 therapy session. Of course, we noticed that Barbie & Boobie along route 443 were wishing their landlord Martha a Happy Birthday!

We have not had the pleasure of meeting Martha or her husband yet, but we have had the privilege of enjoying the different garden settings with Barbie & Boobie as we have driven by these last few months on our way to Dr. Paster’s office.

Once the therapy session was completed, we went to Crossgate Commons and visited the Wal-Mart store to see if we could get a material for Vick to make me porous knee braces so the heat won’t bother me so much while maintaining good knee support.

(without knee braces, I won’t get past 10:00 am with my knees. With the knee braces, I can work all day long without much problem) We looked but found that Wal-Mart doesn’t have any materials there, so tomorrow after her therapy session, we will go to the Northway Mall and visit JoAnn Fabric and pick up what she needs. After that and eating at the Japanese restaurant, we headed for home.

Ever wonder where these tracks go? Me too!

Beautiful little house....nice driveway.... A BOAT? under the carport????

We stopped at Country Flowers Perennial Gardens, along route 32 in Feura Bush, near the State Police barracks they call the New Scotland barracks. We met Mrs. Heilman who was very friendly and helpful.

Mrs. Heilman. A very friendly & helpful lady.

This little building is so very quaint. Vicki loved it!!

Vicki was , of course, looking for Heliotropes for the rear deck, (as if we don’t have enough of them) and I was taking pictures of their very beautiful inventory of flowers. They are known to have the largest selection of colors in pansy’s in the area and being late in the season, I’m sure their inventory is nothing like it is in the early spring/summer, but I saw a multitude of beautifully, colorful flowers, readily available to take home with you at really reasonable prices. It’s a really cute and very quaint nursery nestled back in a little hollow where lovely cool breezes blow the fragrant flower smells all around while you’re there. Why not go visit the Heilmans, see their beautiful flowers and enjoy their kind hospitality. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did. Remember, it's Country Flowers Perinnial Gardens. Once we got home, I took a 1 hour nap, (in Pa, it would be called a nooner) then was up and at’em, ready to put a roof on the barn. As I drew closer to the barn, I saw a baby robin hopping behind it’s mother, across the driveway, into the grass, I hollered to Vick and told her to bring the camera out and we took some pictures.

As we entered the barn,I immediately noticed another baby robin on the ground and the nest was laying beside it. Obviously it had come loose from the board and fallen off. Now we knew why the birds were out jumping around well before they could fly. I hope the one outside is taken care of by the adults, but we put the little guy in the barn back into the nest and placed the nest back where it was. We did find some worms and fed it because it didn’t look real strong any more. We did this because we watched for quite some time and we didn’t see the mother bird anywhere around the nest and baby, so we felt it was given up for dead as the adults were taking care of the one that followed them into the yard. After putting it back into the nest, feeding it and placing the nest back up in the rafters of the barn, We went to the front porch to cool off. We then saw the robin going into the barn again to feed the baby, so we went out and started working on installing the roof.

The plywood work is next! Then 2x4's and chicken wire & doors.

We went out and as I nailed perlins into place, Vicki handed me the next piece until we had them all on. We then went to the steel roofing. I slid them up from the ground and Vick held the tops in place as I installed screws in the bottom, then she did the tops. We had to stop due to loss of light. Vicki went to feed the critter and check their water. Look at her following. (She should have been a preacher!!)

Look at em go!

Pied Piper of the Cluckin' "A"

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