Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday, July 2nd… Getting another slow start!

I was up at 6:00 AM this morning, read the AOL news, checked a few other sites quickly and typed a page of credentials for a web site I built and then finished reading Joseph Campbell’s “Pathways to Bliss”, which I started some time ago, but laid aside to work on the barn and then got interested in “The Birdhouse Chronicles” another book about rural PA life of a couple that moved from the city of L.A. and their trials and tribulations of country life after that. I picked the Campbell book up this weekend when Matt and Mark were here and I was up early to make coffee and tea for them. I waited for them and since I didn’t have time to do the usual, I started reading “Pathways to Bliss” and since I only had about 70 pages to go, I figured I would just finish it this time.

I will now start “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell. It appears to be even more interesting than ’Pathways to Bliss”, but we’ll see. I like to read early in the morning, especially when it is a rainy day and I cannot do the usual planned work for the day. Yesterday and today, I didn’t feel very good when I arose from bed. My sinus problems sometimes cause this and the last few days, they have been a wretched curse upon my usual self. All I want to do is sit and sleep. Occasionally, I feel like getting up and doing something, but that doesn’t last long once up and moving. Oh well….I’ll tough it out and get back to normal in a day or two………

I went with Vick last evening to walk Rooster Cogburn. It is how we exercise him during his recuperation from the beating he took from MR. Vicki took pictures and I stood guard with MR’s “white stick”. (the white pvc pipe I whack him with when he tries to flog someone.) He is still quite vulnerable and would be an easy mark for Stewie, (who is trying to even the score) or MR, (who nearly killed him before) so I keep guard while he runs and walks around, socializing with the girls. In the end, he grew weak and had to lay down and rest. After that, Vick picked him up and put him back in the cage on the porch for the night. Here are some pictures him out & about just before dark.

Today, since I’m not totally up to snuff…..nor is Vicki….. We will go to Catskill Hospice and take care of some paperwork there and any other such stops we have been putting off……maybe even taking Vick’s art prints to the Woodstock gallery, where the lady wants to see them.We’ll see. We’ll keep you informed about what’s cookin’! Keep watchin’

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