Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sun. Eve, July 20th…A long, eventful day at an auction with a TRUE Chicken Farmer!!!

I had an excellent time at the J.P.’s North, Inc. small animal auction where I personally watched Vicki transform into a bonafide chicken farmer in the first degree. She nosed through the boxes full of chickens, bunnies, guineas, quail, pheasants, ducks and turkeys, making mental notes as to which boxes she was interested in. I refrained from snapping pictures inside because some people take offense to having their pictures taken, be it they are wanted by the authorities or are not happy with their self shown in a picture, so I just don’t do it too often. I did however grab a shot of the Billy’s as they were brought to the block. They were definitely cute and if the barn was done, there would be one or two in there now, but since it is not done we passed this time.

We were there for the beginning to the end of the auction almost…..with the last being the sale of Billy goats and one pot bellied pig. We bought another twenty layer chickens, one crate had about 8 or 10 in it and then we bought seven other boxes of two or three, maybe four to a box.  It filled the truck!!

After seeing Vick in action, I would say the auction will be a regular part of the farm activities when they occur. There are many things there that are interesting that arent alive too. We did loose one big white leghorn hen to the heat though, she was ok when we got home and turned them loose, but I think the heat and stress of the auction and being moved around took it’s toll on her and she died this evening. She was sitting against the hen house in the shade panting for about three hours and then died in the hen house. We have pictures up the kazoo tonight….. some of the chickens & ducks, some of the poor condition of the ponds and streams and the one of the auction. So… goes.

Lousy condition of the pond

The fish sneek to the house at night to get the garden house to refill the pond.

We are seriously concerned with our fish and their health

This is the stream out of the pond, downstream.

The only water remaining that the fish downstream are living in.

The little hole below the pipe under the road.

Almost dries up before your very eyes!!

Now this is a shit load of chickens......all new!

We freed the Bantams today to blend in when they are ready

They jump down and start hanging with the big guys when they're ready.

Guinea hens 6 dark, one white.

Our seven Guinea hens will hang together for ever!

We've noticed groups of different age or origin always stay together forever.... and never group together afterwards.

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