Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wed. Eve, July 16th… Had a good day! Tomorrow starts @ 5:00 AM

We had a really good day today, except it turned nasty at around 9:30 AM and I had to knock it off or pass out. The heat was unbearable on the roof at 9:30 and tomorrow is to be the beginning of worse things to come for the end of the week and this weekend. I will therefore start at 5:00 AM tomorrow, Brew coffee and turn the critters loose and head directly to the barn. Today I got about 2/3 of the perlins on the one side of the roof and if I can get out there by 5:30 or 6:00 Am, I will have about four cool hours to build before quitting when the heat becomes unbearable.

I will work early mornings and late evenings if I have to so I can actually complete this thing on schedule for the chickens & ducks that are going to be laying eggs this fall. Once the outside is done… there is another month of work on the inside, building walls and nesting boxes, putting up chicken wire, building doors and stables. We’ll fix up the front room upstairs for an office to keep the receipts, etc. for the farm business. We also have to get Dick Brush over here to install water lines to the barn at a depth of 4 - 6’ deep so they don’t freeze this winter. We are going to run a line to the new barn and one to the old duck & chicken house too while he replaces the defective line from the well to the house. We definitely figured this is the time to replace the well line that someone put in using the wrong type of pipe. We already had trouble with it breaking this past Mother’s Day. So now’s the time before it decides to crap in the winter time. We will install frost proof spigots at the two critter buildings too.

Looking west off of I88 toward lake Erie

Main Street Cobleskill

These 3D signs were on a gate in the middle of town.  

When we left Guilderland after Vick’s treatment, we went down route 20 to I88 which took us directly to Cobleskill where Vicki bought some Essential Oils for potpourri bags for around the house and the new Hospice building we get later this year or next. She is also stepping up her watercolor paintings in anticipation of placing prints into the store also.

This afternoon, we got home from Cobleskill and headed for the pool with the dogs. Only one is smart enough to get in and get wet to cool off. All the others sit around the pool with their tongues hanging down a foot or so. Vicki shot some good pictures of Casey Mae enjoying her swim time with us.

After we got out and dried off, I went to the basement to check the incubator and the 18 eggs. Peee Yewwww!! one had detonated and the less than appealing ambiance of rotten egg of weeks past, permeated my nostrils upon my crossing of the threshold to the bar & pool area, where the incubator is being kept. I quickly purged the culprit eggy to a double sealed plastic bag and checked the other 17 which are, at least right now ok and doing nicely.

Incubator is heated and air is circulated by fan to stay uniform

Thermometer on eggs at 99.5 degrees & automatic egg turner at work.

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