Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thurs. July, 24th… Rained like hell, then got hot as hell too!

I went to the barn early and made the rabbit hutch and then started to put up board & batten until I was so soaked from running out into the rain for boards that I told Vick “I Quit!” It was getting to the time that her Mom and Dad were to arrive to go to Wellington’s Herb & Spice farm in Schoharie. I went in and got a shower, put on dry clothes and felt like a million dollars. I usually wait until Vick is done in the shower and then I jump in while she is drying her hair and putting all the other creams and you know……the smelly good stuff on and gets dressed, I’m showered, dried off and dressed and we’re both ready to go at about the same time.

When we were done and came down, we went to the brooding house, gathered all the rabbits, their feed, their food receptacles and water bottles and took them and all the other stuff to the new rabbit hutches in the barn. They were ecstatic!!!! They love the open wire run outside the box. They can lay outside in the fresh air now and they love it. I can tell you one thing…. It rained like hell this morning……..very, very hard! Then just as if you snapped your fingers, the rain stopped, the clouds cleared , the sun came out and it got hot as hell………Quick! It felt just like you were sitting in a pressure cooker or a steamer, but the rain we had this morning has returned the Pupskill Bay Lake to it’s former level and it is really looking good. So big deal, you can’t do a lot of work when it’s steaming off like that, but we needed the rain badly. The ducks are happy that the duck pond is now back to normal and we hope we get enough rain to keep it that way.

Vicki’s parents were a little late, so we got a late start for Wellington’s, but we made it. We had a really nice lunch and tried Carolyn’s Signature “Island Tea” which is their claim to fame, and so it should be. I’ve never tasted such a pleasant tasting beverage in my life. When we were all finished and had dessert, we went across the lot to the Gallery and gave Anita & Joe a guided tour of Stanley Maltzman’s art exhibit displayed there on the walls. His daughter, Susan M. Story , has her art displayed along side her father’s for the remainder of the month and Stanley has every reason to be extremely proud of her work, as well as his own.

Once we were finished viewing the artwork and wishing we could take some home, especially the one, which we all loved, we started for home. Joe’s sciatica was beginning to act up and he had a terrible headache. We gave him Motrin and some water and headed for home. When we got home, we put the critters in and retired to the upstairs where we will recuperate until 6:00Am when I will again brew the coffee, kick the dogs out and head for the barn to do board & battens again.

Went around the corner with board & batten

Bunnie Hutches are inside here

They love their new homes

They love the air flow and being outside.

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