Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thurs. July 31st… Another end to another month…Fall Just Ahead!

Wow! Just another 31 days and we’ll be well on our way to fall again and only a footstep away from all the holidays, then winter! Yesterday we took the time away from barn building to clean out the chicken house and the brooding house. They were in need of cleaning and it’s now done, with a disinfectant cherry spray applied under a new layer of nice clean wood chips, they smell pretty good considering they house about 100 chickens. The duck house hasn’t been a problem ever since we got smart and keep the food and water outside. The inside stays nice and dry and clean. There is very little smell from ducks if the area can be kept dry. I love when we pull into the driveway after we are away, because we have a huge greeting from the Cluckin’ “A” “Welcoming Committee” when we get out of the car. The chickens, ducks & turkeys all gather around us to welcome us home. (and beg food of course)

The Cluckin' "A" Welcoming committee

Skip & Timmy turkey talking. I know....I turkey to another....

This is one of our favorite roosters.......Poindexter.

Poindexter asserting his dominance over the domain. (unless a bigger rooster wants it)

I think today will be a bad day to work, because of the humidity, unless the sun stays behind clouds. Perhaps then we can get some plywood work done on the chicken side, pick up the 2x4’s at GNH and start putting up the chicken wire. If not…… tomorrows another day. In fact, Anita and Joe may pop in today and if so, we want to take them to Guilderland, past where Vicki gets her therapy, to the Crossgates Mall and on up 155 to Lanie’s Café at 471 Albany-Shaker Road in Loudonville, NY. It is a very quaint little restaurant known for it’s excellent food and salad bar. Do, however, watch their menu when ordering because the waiters will tell you that sandwiches come with pickles and chips and that you may substitute fry’s or onion rings. They conveniently forget to mention there is an additional charge for both. The menu does state that at the top of the page however……it’s just that you may not have read that and then your $8.95 sandwich will cost you about $11.20 when the $2.25 onion ring price is added on. (Bigger meal price……….bigger tip!!!) Don’t, however, let this divert you away from stopping there for an excellent meal in a quaint, comfy little Café.

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