Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sat. Eve, July 19th… Chickens & Ducks do what Chickens & Ducks Do, and turkey’s don’t help e

We didn’t do much of anything today, which was about what we needed to do. We were notified that the family was going to dinner at Spring Garden in Hudson at 8:00 this evening, so we said we would try to meet them if we could get the critters in before dark to be there by 8:00 PM. Well…….I can tell you that they will not be corralled into anyplace until it is getting dark enough that they feel uncomfortable outside. We ran them all around the farm for an hour trying to get them all in somewhere so we could go, but they didn’t want to go in anyplace that early. We called to talk to the family about the ducks and chickens not wanting to go in and asked if we could meet them a little earlier so we could be back by dark to put them in, but the nephew informed us not to bother, as they would all be at Spring Garden by 8:00. So we went to dinner by ourselves at 7:00 and was back to put the chickens & ducks away by 8:30. Oh Well, such is life. At least we are home early and ready to do our thing. Vicki will start a new painting tonight and I will watch some TV and relax to get ready to rise and shine, early in the morning and get to work on the barn. We are now going to change our plans and try to finish the chicken house side of the barn to hold the chickens where they will have a huge screened in area so that when we want to leave before dark, we can leave the chickens out, but still confined to the screened in area, away from predators. The ducks are no problem. When we know we are going away before dark, we can leave the ducks in their outside pen also.

After finishing this side of the barn, then I will go to the other side and finish it.

We are working to see if we can talk an old friend into coming to help us with all the animals. Maybe someday he will show up here.

We hope.

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