Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8th…What a Day! We’ve been to Hebron, N.Y. near Salem and back.

Started out this morning at Gilderland around 9:55. Had to have Vick at Dr. Paster’s office for her treatment at 10:00 Am. These pictures we got at the Barbie garden on the way up there. (remember last week when Barbie and Boobie were in their beach wear…..) Barbie and Boobie were all decked out for the 4th of July this week.

After that, we went to Crossgates Mall where I had my phone replaced by the AT&T people. It wouldn’t take a charge. Once I got the phone replaced, we shot over to Michael’s, the craft store, where we picked up more molding gel for the key chains we want to make of the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm & our Hospice program with Columbia-Greene Hospice. Then we shot up the Northway to route 29 at Saratoga Springs and headed for the “Garden Works” near West Hebron. It’s a neat little farm market where you can buy plants, gifts and lots of gourmet cheeses and other farm market goodies. You might even see Jon Katz the famous author there if you’re unlucky enough to run into him there. He frequents the place pretty regular, but don’t think you will be meeting anyone special…because he is a user and a nut case. (he can write a good book though…but since he is a self admitted liar…consider his books fiction for the most part.) Anyway…. the people that run the Garden Works AT MacCLAN FARMS are as nice as you can find and I suppose they cater to Katz because he is a neighbor and sells books in there. His farm is just down the road a little further from them. Anyway, we made the rounds up there today and got lots of heliotrope plants, a huge Hollyhock plant and some ground cover plants for around our garden pond. We also stopped at our farm source for Maple syrup and we bought a gallon of good old light Amber syrup. We stopped at the “Greenery” and bought flowers also. Tomorrow is their 50% off sale, after which, they close for the season. That will be a nut house tomorrow starting early in the morning, as they strip the place empty. We swung back unto route 20 west when we got back to the Albany area and stopped at Ichiban Japanese Restaurant for dinner. What an excellent place! Their food is great!!! After leaving there, we went straight home and got into the swimming pool for awhile, then put the critters in for the night and retired to blog and we’re now ready for bed. Good night!!!!!

We saw a Great Blue Heron in our pond again. He's here regularly.

Also, here is the latest picture Vicki painted in watercolor. Too bad I can't get the computer to reproduce the colors and lighting correctly. This  doesn't do her art work justice. Anyway, here it is!

Portrait of Rose, the Border Collie


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