Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wed. Eve July 30th… Taking you where we were before….

Today was an uneventful day in the lives of two upstate farmers. We left the chiropractors office after therapy and went to Crossgates Mall to talk to the AT&T guy that gave us a new phone and a photocopy of the box UPC and when we got home, we saw you couldn’t use a photocopy, so we couldn’t collect our $50.00 rebate. We stopped there today to beat him up and make him give us what we needed for the rebate, but upon laying it all out in front of him and getting ready to puff his eye…… he simply said, “I’ll just credit your AT&T account so it comes directly off your bill and you don’t even have to fill out the paperwork.” Took the wind right out of my sail… I was amazed and said thank you, thank you, thank you!! Next we went to the "little people" food bar in the food court where you get the $3.29 lunch meal. This time we definitely got the meal consisting of General Tso’s chicken and sweet & sour chicken with fried rice and fried potatoes, then left them crying in their rice bowls this time because our bill for both of us to eat was $7 and change with a drink to split between us. Ha……Ha you little twerps, now we got your number and we’ll make you cry often. (as you recall a few weeks ago, they got us for the same size meal @ 14. 79 (see Monday July 14th blog) except he talked us into an egg roll each and a large drink which added another $5 & change to the bill.)

After beating the Asians at their own game, we decided to get severely lost for awhile, trying to find the Northway Mall, to get to JoAnn Fabrics and Marshall’s. After finding our mistake and driving in the other direction for 15 minutes, we accomplished our goal. After leaving there, we headed for home. When we got here, we went to the chicken house and shoveled out the chicken poop (Whew!) and sprayed, then put down a new covering of wood chips. We then did the same in the brooding house, dropped both shelves and added two more wood strips for roosts. Everyone is extremely happy tonight and smelling like sweet cherry instead of Pooooooooooop!

Now, do I gotta tell ya there is absolutely nothing interesting about anything we did today? Nah…..Poop is poop and it all stinks!

So. I dug through the archives and came up with a bunch of nice pictures of beautiful scenery up here that we’ve seen before and think you will enjoy seeing now. so here we go. The first few are on our road today coming home when we had a momma deer cross the road with her fawn. Then the rest are on the mountain at the Kaaterskill falls and North & South lakes near Haines Falls.

There were two fawns, but the 2nd one waited until I wasn't ready & I missed him.

Now these are the pictures of sights on the mountain. The first two are of the Kaaterskill Falls....The highest cascading falls on the east coast. They are 265 feet from top to bottom where the creek starts to run again.......This place is good for catching hell when you hang over the side to photograph the beautiful falls.

Looking down the clove toward Palenville and Catskill beyond that.

Hang on by your toes when you click the shutter for this one!!!!

Now, here's some of "Devils Tombstone State Park.


Devils Tombstone State Park.


A beautiful place to camp and fish or just take in the scenery.

The rest of these pictures are of the North & South lake near Haines Falls, NY

A very beautiful But chilly place to swim.

A Wild momma duck with three little ducklings

Wild? Did I say wild?????????

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