Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sun. Eve. July 27th… Perhaps I bite off more than I can Chew?

Obviously there is some reason I can’t seem to get done what I plan to in the AM hours of the blog. I said this morning that we would finish the outside walls, install batten strips and close in the gable ends and upper part of the lower roof side,  with plywood.

We did get the outer walls done, framed the windows on the road side and framed out the side door for the donkeys & sheep on the road side. We installed strips until we ran out of 2” ring nails, so we will have to buy 3” framing nails, 2” galvanized ring nails and staples along with the chicken wire tomorrow to be able to finish. We did lose time today when we had to stop for a lightning storm and wait until it quit pouring and banging around. Perhaps without the delays for rain, I could have gotten some of the Gable end closed in, but I still think I expect more than is possible, or maybe it's just my age catching up with me, but it seems I plan more than I can possibly do. Who knows.

We just got back from Pegasus Restaurant where we had shrimp & scallops for dinner and now we must put the critters away. Here’s the latest pictures of the barn after today.

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