Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thurs. July 17th… Whew, Hot, shit, That’s It, I Quit! I’m soaked!!!

Started this morning with the alarm going off at 5:00 AM, but I was sitting on the edge of the bed when it went off. The old internal work alarm is still functional I guess, because just about every day I ever worked daylight throughout my working years, I can only ever remember needing an alarm on several occasions. I would usually wake up just minutes before the alarm was to go off.

Anyway, got up and let the dogs go outside, made coffee, let all the other critters out to see the beautiful sunrise and read AOL news while I drank my first cup of coffee. Refilled the cup and headed for the barn. At 8:30 ...... I said “That’s It!! I’ve had enough of this sweating for today and hung it up. Here’s where we started.

And here’s when we quit!

Pays to start early! All I need yet is a piece cut to 29 ¾” wide to finish this roof and then I can start the roof on the other side.

I don’t know what else we might do today…..the pool is definitely up there with the high priority stuff…I can tell ya that. It might be a good day to knock out some bunny hutches out at the barn in the shade. No need to roast under the roof and the air is cool coming through there. We’ll snap some new pictures of the farm happening’s or where ever we might go today.

This Just IN!!!! We have reporters on site at the Cluckin' "A" Correctional Institute where it is reported that Mister Rooster, alias "MR" and his accomplice, "Stupid Stewie" have been sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole, for their roles in the attack of our niece, Katie,  which inflicted a wound which resulted in a scar and later, the brutal murder attempt on Rooster Cogburns life. He barely recovered with nurse Vicki's vigilant doctoring for several weeks.  They have both become increasingly arrogant and would run a country mile just to flog a little kid with no remorse. They can no longer be a part of society and have exhibited behavior of gangster type proportions such as muscling the hens around, chasing the other animals and their vicious, heinous attack on Rooster Cogburn, which left him near death, laying upon the henhouse floor. It is this type of behavior that has brought the two of them to such a sad ending.


Mastermind... "Pretty Bird", Mister Rooster... alias "MR"


 "stupid Stewie" has years of mafchickia involvement as a muscle bird. Only a mother could love a face like this!

We have talked with the warden of the SCI (Silly Chicken Institute) Timmy Turk and he said that he and his lady turnkeys Tina and Tara run a tight ship and won't allow sneering and jeering of Cogburn and the other girls around the facility fence, but won't tolerate Pretty Bird MR or Stupid Stewies nasty shenanigans either. Timmy said, "I have him under my ever watchful eye!"

Timmy's "Ever watchful eye"

Timmy, Tina and Tara are on the job, walking the fence perimeter.

When asked what he would do if faced with dealing with Stupid Stewie the strong  armed gangsta.... Timmy said "I'll tear him from limb to limb", as he puffed up.

Timmy was so worked up over the thought of dealing with "Stupid Stewie" and "Pretty Boy" MR, that he could no longer talk with us.

We talked with the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm owners about their feelings on all of these proceedings and Sweet Vicki said "We let this type of business up to the general critter population of the farm and surrounding animal community, but we have dubbed them as "The Birds of Alcatraz" and fully agree with the life sentence. 

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