Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wed. Eve, July 23rd… Rain filled the Pupskill Lake and the fish are happy!!!!!

It was a lazy day, but I think it was a result of the almost forgotten sound of the gentle tapping raindrops as they pitter-pattered on the skylight above the sofa, where I sat down momentarily after we got home from the trip to Hudson to pickup a new pool filter cartridge. We had lunch at the Spring Garden restaurant on Fairview avenue and with a full stomach, the rain and sitting on the sofa, I was out from 5:00Pm to 7:30Pm. I was awakened when Vicki sat down on the sofa beside me and excitedly said, “I fell asleep upstairs on the bed and when I woke up and looked out the window, I saw that the pond is full again!” I went to the kitchen and looked and sure enough….the pond isn’t over-flowing…….but it is full. (I believe I even saw a few fish dancing along the edge of the water before diving in and splashing away!!) We have needed this kind of a rain for months and now the pond looks as healthy as ever again. The little duck pond is filled to capacity and overflowing into the Pupskill bay lake.

Tomorrow I will arise at 6:00 to 7:00 AM and head to the barn immediately to start the board & batten siding or maybe the next rabbit hutch, since I missed making one this afternoon, (due to my nap or passing out, which ever you call it!) but I will work at it until Vicki’s parents, Joe and Anita arrive, at which time I will stop and get cleaned up to take them to Schoharie where we will visit Wellington’s Herb & Tea Farm. We have been itching to get Joe and Anita there ever since we found the place, because we know they would love it. We’ll do lunch sandwiches there and let them tour the building looking at all the lovely things there. We will also chat with Carolyn and hopefully get to meet Frederick this time.

We will also stop anywhere they see that might be of interest to them. All in all we expect a nice day, touring in the rain with Vick’s Mom and Dad.

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