Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday, July 7th… today to be the Hottest day of the year, so they say???

The weather report is calling for today to be the hottest day so far this year . Well, if so….that’s the end for me!! Since I’ve had two heart attacks earlier in my life (at about 45 years of age), Vicki rides reign on me pretty regular, so when I get to doing more than she thinks I should or I do things that are more strenuous than I should be doing or if the weather is extremely cold or hot, she calls an instant halt to the activity. She is my sweetheart and my own personal Physician’s Assistant. I trust her with my life, in every way imaginable and try to listen to her suggestions, demands (about my medical condition) and ideas to make my life a long and happy one with her. With that in mind, I’d guess anything outside beyond swimming or walking around the critter house areas will be a no-no, so there will be no building today.  That's ok though, because we will head for Gilderland around 2:30 or so anyway, for Vicki’s Spinal Aid treatment at 3:30. I would guess we will then hit Crossgates Mall and go to the Michael's craft store for more molding agent for our Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm and Hospice key chains. The powdered gel mold seemed to reproduce the keychain the nicest. We’ll see. Anyway, we always look forward to Vicki's spinal decompression treatments and seeing Carol, (Joan is there some times too), Jim and Dr. Mike at the “Paster Chiropractic” office.  The treatments are returning Vicki to her normal self, reducing the Sciatica from the herniated disc, helping the Stenosis and reversing the 5 years of numbness in her feet and creating a stronger, healthier back. With Dr. Lee and Dr. Mike’s input for regular exercise after the treatments, she should be like a new woman, able to enjoy life and activities thought to be long gone from our daily schedule. I highly encourage anyone with back pain or discomfort to see Dr. Mike Paster of Paster Chiropractic, in Guilderland, New York for an explanation of the benefits of spinal decompression, the available payment programs and an evaluation of your very own Spinal Aid treatment at his office. I am giving this testimonial because I’ve seen for myself through Vicki and heard from other patients there about the miraculous results of spinal decompression and the relief of back pain. Don't wait, Do it today!  Stop the pain and be healed if possible.

See you all this evening. Don’t do anything stupid in the heat today!

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