Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Eve, July 21st… An end to a very nice day with Lots a critters!!!

Today, we left early and bummed around Albany at the Crossgates Mall. We spent some time in the Art Decor and then went to Borders so Vick could find a book on dogs with clear, complete pictures to use for reference when she is painting pet portraits. She found an excellent book that gives very clear close-ups and it was in the bargain book area. After we left there we had a very nice lunch at Ichiban on route 20 in Westmere. We then did some more running and ended up at Dr. Paster’s office for her therapy. When we left there, we headed home and we worked with the chickens and ducks, did a little to the barn and called it quits. Tonight, putting all the new chickens away for the night was a piece of cake, except that the new chickens were almost all in the duck house, so I had to hooshy all of them out into the dark and around the barn to the open door where we turned the light on in the hen house area. They went around the barn and all entered by themselves. After closing the door, we closed the brooding house door and then opened the duck door and turned their light on. It was then not a job at all to get the old ducks to enter the duck house, closed the door and herded the rat pack (6 young ones Indian Runners) in last of all. Once they were in, we opened the slide gate and locked the screened door and they were free to go in the building or stay outside in the screened in area.

I cut the last piece of roofing to size and put it on the roof to finish this side off. Now I must put the rubber seal strips down and lay out the flashing and nail it into place. After that I can cut several pieces of plywood and finish off the upper walls on the loft on the house side. It is now our decision to not go to the other side to finish it off except early in the morning when it is cool, and then move to the house side downstairs and work on the board and batten to finish off the chicken house and get the outside wire screened area completed so we can get the chickens used to living in the new barn. It will be there that we can house 100 chickens easily and all will have plenty of room to lay eggs, and we can house the refrigerator in the feed room to keep the eggs in. Tomorrow, I’ll snap some pictures so you can see what 100 chickens look like when you feed them in the afternoon. It’s definitely a sight. We are going to Schoharie tomorrow to see the Art of Joan from Dr. Paste’s office. She has her art displayed at B’s Nest and Vicki and I would like to see it.

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