Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday July 18th… Felt my age and stayed in bed till 7:30

I feel like I committed a huge crime! I came down at seven thirty, left the dogs out, started the coffee, went to leave the other critters out and on the way back to the house, thought that if I had rolled out at 5 AM, as I was going to, the last piece of metal roofing would now be in place and the flashing installed. Possibly some of the plywood would also be up there in place too.

But… I didn’t, it isn’t and now all of those things remain to be completed later. Oh well, “Disappointment has no feelings of it’s own!” That’s what I always say about these things! The meaning of that would be simply, yes… I can be disappointed, but had I not listened to my body and stayed in bed this morning for the needed rest, I may have hurt myself or pulled a muscle while working out there because I was tired and run down, but would my present disappointment feel any of that pain? No…… so I came up with the phrase, “Disappointment has no feelings of it’s own.”

Today we’ll do whatever we can or maybe I’ll just rest today and leave for Guilderland for Vick’s therapy session. After that we don’t know what we’ll do….go somewhere or come straight home and work at the barn until it’s too dark to see anymore. Who knows…… maybe just swim for a little bit.

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