Monday, July 28, 2008

Mon. July 28th… This Barn is Feeding on Our Summer!!

It occurred to me that this barn is eating up our summer at a fantastic speed……after all, it’s almost August and we’ll be working on this barn through that month at least, (at our speed anyway) and before you know it we will be into September and getting ready for fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas and winter before you know it. Once this project is completed and the animals are all moved and situated and we can slow down, we need to do just that. We need to wake in the morning and decide if we want to sleep in or eat breakfast. Whether we want to go for a ride or run some errands or just sit on the rear deck and watch the world go by. Right now, we’d miss a greyhound bus passing between our legs……we’re so busy.

I picture us spending a lot more quality time gathering blog material by going out in the field and seeing special things, going to special events, collecting great wildlife pictures or just snapping pictures of the restaurants we frequent and the people we see. An interesting blog would be one that would take people where they can’t easily go due to time restrictions, work responsibilities, health issues or budget. We can only do so much ourselves, but we have been more fortunate than most, being able to retire young, remaining somewhat healthy and would enjoy sharing what we get to experience and enjoy as a result of it.

Today we are going to run errands to pick up needed stuff for the barn or we cannot continue working on it. We need framing nails, ring nails, staples, chicken wire and who knows what else for starters. We also have to get Vicki to the Therapy appointment this afternoon and then come home and get busy again on the barn. Maybe it will clear and I can do some plywood coverage, but NO Predictions of how MUCH!

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